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Bathroom Safety in Sheffield

We have provided some advice and guidance on bathroom safety in Sheffield.

Firstly, water is a major conductor for electricity. When the two mix, the result can kill. Therefore, the bathroom can be the most dangerous room in the home. For example, the consequences of an electric shock around water can result in death because water removes the skins resistance to a shock. As a result, there are special requirements for electrical installations in bathrooms. For example;


  • Sockets require a certain distance away from the bath/shower.
  • Shaver-supply units must be a safe distance from the bath or shower.
  • Never bring mains-powered portable appliances into a bathroom.

Consequently, not following the correct the recommendations can result in serious injury or even death.


  • A ceiling-mounted insulating pull-cord switch¬† is the safest option for a bathroom.
  • Enclosed ceiling lights are preferable to pendant down light fittings.

Heaters and towel rails

  • Central heating is the safest way of keeping a bathroom warm.
  • Electric and gas water heaters in a bathroom must never be supplied by a plug and socket.
  • Electric heaters – controlled by a pull cord or a switch outside the bathroom.


  • An electric shower – supplied direct from the consumer unit.

Supplementary bonding

Next, supplementary bonding involves connecting electrical equipment (such as a heated towel rail) and the metal parts of a non-electrical item (such as a pipe) together. This is to prevent a dangerous voltage between them.

 Supplementary bonding is to be installed by a registered electrician.

Finally, call for advice on bathroom safety in Sheffield.


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