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Emergency Lighting Installations service –

Our Electricians provide Emergency Lighting Installation in Sheffield. Planning and Design services are also available.

‘Emergency Lighting’ means emergency escape lighting and standby lighting so that users of the building can exit the property safely. Emergency lighting is required to provide a sufficient amount of lighting to enable all building users to find all the planned exit routes. However, without an emergency lighting installation there is the potential for danger to human life physically or through a panicked response in the dark.

Guidance –

According to¬† “All employers, landlords or occupiers have a requirement to comply with the Fire Precaution (Workplace) Regulations 1999 and the Fire Safety Order 2005 to perform a risk assessment annually to ensure that the users of a premises can safely escape if an emergency is to occur.”

Standby lighting

Standby lighting is not a legal requirement, however it does allow properties to continue with their function as normal if the original lighting system is to go into fault or shuts down completely. Therefore, this may be needed depending on what the premises is used for and how many people occupy it. Furthermore, we can offer more advice on this service. Call now for free advice from one of our Electricians on standby lighting in Sheffield.

Energy efficient emergency lighting 

Atom Electrical Services’s Electricians provide energy efficient LED emergency lighting solutions that can tailor to every budget.

For example, the advantages of LED emergency lighting is as follows;
  • Less energy consumption
  • Brighter light
  • The tubes do not need replacing
  • More discreet fittings
  • Cheaper maintenance costs

Moreover, we will advise you on which options are best for the needs and requirements of your premises. If you have any questions regarding your current system, or would like a complete new emergency lighting system installation – please give us a call or submit a request for a quote and one of our qualified electricians will answer all of your questions and provide recommendations to meet your budget. Our Electricians have over 10 years experience in providing emergency lighting installation in Sheffield.

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