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PAT Testing in Sheffield

Our Electricians provide PAT testing in Sheffield.

What is PAT testing?

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is the inspection of electrical appliances to determine whether they are safe to use. This is a preventative service against electrical incidents within the workplace. Our Electricians provide PAT testing in Sheffield. However our services are available nationwide. This should include a visual inspection and a technical in-depth check measuring;

  • Earth continuity.
  • Lead polarity.
  • Insulation resistance.

This isĀ  completed using specialist equipment. However, some appliances only require an insulation test. When the testing is complete every appliance will have a sticker determining whether the item passed or failed. Additionally there will also be an electronic record of the results for the client. Our electricians will provide all our clients this service for PAT testing in Sheffield.

Do my items require testing?

Secondly, there are some appliances that do not require PAT testing. Therefore, this page shall explain what needs PAT testing.

According to current legislation there is no definition of what a portable appliance is. As a result, the common interpretation is that this includes any item that can plug into a socket. Therefore, this can cause some misunderstandings. Furthermore, these items should be considered for PAT testing or a visual inspection by a qualified electrician to ensure the items are safe;

  1. Stationary appliances.
  2. IT appliances.
  3. Movable appliances.
  4. Portable appliances.
  5. Cables and chargers.
  6. Hand held appliances.


Furthermore, PAT testing is not legally required in itself. However legislation states that businesses are required to maintain their electrical’s to a safe standard. As a result, this is the legal responsibility to ensure the safety of employees and members of the public. Additionally, PAT testing has become the standard practice in meeting this legislation. For more specific advice on the legal requirements of electrical equipment please see the following regulations;

The classes of electrical appliances –

Class 1

These appliances usually include items such as;

  • Fridges.
  • Microwaves.
  • Toasters.

These items have basic insulation and an earth connection for safety. All class 1 items require PAT testing for earth continuity and insulation resistance.

To summarize class 1 items;

  • Made of metal.
  • Has a three core cable.
  • A metal earth pin on the plug.

Class 2

These appliances include items such as;

  • Computers.
  • Photocopiers.
  • Printers.

These are usually protected by two layers of insulation (double insulated). These items require PAT testing to measure insulation resistance and are not required to have an earth connection.

To summarize this category;

  • Plastic casing.
  • A double box symbol on the rating plate.

Arranging a PAT Test

Finally, call Atom Electrical Services for free advice and quotations.

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