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Electrician Examining Fusebox With Multimeter Probe

Our Electricians have provided fixed wire testing in Sheffield.

Firstly, the other terms for this service include;

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report.
  • Periodic Inspection.
  • Inspection and Testing.
  • Hard Wire Testing.

Moreover, fixed wire testing involves testing the electrical wiring around a building. Therefore it includes testing items like main panels, distribution boards, lighting, and plug sockets. We will test each circuit with visual inspections to check for any visible damage.

Furthermore, we can provide fixed wire testing in Sheffield with minimal disruption to your business/home. Fixed wire testing can be invasive. Therefore, we undertake thorough planning and ensure efficient time management to keep disruption to a minimum. However, fixed wire testing can be performed outside of normal working hours. As a result this will minimize disruption to your services. We will always accommodate our services to the convenience of the client.

Secondly, the results and the extent of the service will be recorded on an Electrical Installation Condition Report.

For example, the report will include;

  • The extent of the work.
  • Limitations.
  • Details of defects.
  • Dangerous conditions.
  • Schedules of inspections.
  • Test results.

Finally, dangerous conditions will be reported to the appropriate person and with permission will be rectified.

Finally to assess how often fixed wire testing should be carried out the following factors need to be considered;

  • The type of installation.
  • Its use and operation.
  • The frequency and quality of maintenance.
  • External influences.

Finally, our electricians will provide you with a free quotation for fixed wire testing in Sheffield.

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