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Fire Alarm Installation Services

Firstly, Atom Electrical Services Limited can provide you with fire alarm installation in Sheffield. We conduct a full risk assessment of your property to identify it’s individual aspects and use this to create our design.

For example, this service is available for;

  • Domestic properties.
  • Office’s and retail outlets.
  • Industrial buildings and estates.
  • Hospitals and health centres.
  • Commercial and Public Buildings.

Moreover, according to the Fire Safety Order (Article 13 & 17) states that the responsible person(s) of a property must ensure that a fire alarm system is installed and maintained.

Furthermore, we are fully compliant in that we adhere to fire alarm regulation BS 5839-1. We do this by ensuring the parts used meet the national health and safety standards.

In addition, to providing this service we have experience in installing equipment like smoke aspirating systems. Our experience varies from domestic properties to larger projects including;

  • Retail.
  • Commercial.
  • Industrial  (installations).

We are not biased towards certain manufacturers. Moreover, this allows us to offer honest and reliable information on the best products and installation techniques for your budget.

Client Satisfaction

We always strive for exceptional customer service for our clients. Likewise, our team will detail any knowledge that you require and guide you through the installation process with our in-depth knowledge. In addition to this, we are also happy to return and make additions and alterations at your request and convenience.

Maintaining Fire Alarm Systems

To conclude, it is important that fire alarm systems are subject to periodic inspection and testing so that any unnoticeable faults can be identified. In addition, fire alarms can deteriorate over a number of years and maintenance can ensure the reliability is continued.

Finally, we can perform maintenance to your preferences and requirements for fire alarm installation in Sheffield for domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

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