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Atom Electrical Services Limited can provide you with a free quotation for the cost of an electrical rewire.

Based in South Yorkshire, our Electricians provide electrical rewires in Sheffield. However, we provide our services nationwide.

Does my house need an electrical rewire?

Firstly, there are no regulations that require you to rewire your house after a certain period of time. If the wiring is old it does not necessarily mean it is unsafe. Rewires are mostly requested when;
  • Carrying out renovations.
  • Adding extensions.
  • The house is more than forty years old.

Moreover, rewiring your property allows you to update old fixtures/fittings to go with the new decor of your property.  Many people use this as an opportunity to have energy efficient lighting and smart controls.

Additionally, if there are age related issues, you may experience an electrical breakdown or a shortage of outlets. Wiring can degrade over time and there are many other factors which may influence the need for a rewire.

For example, a rewire may be needed if;

  • There rubber around the wiring that has degraded since the 1960’s.
  • Lighting or sockets have stopped working.
  • The household has been subject to flooding.
  • Your moving into a new property/extending an existing property and wish to make sure the install is safe.

Planning a rewire

We will work with you to help you to decide what you would like in your property. This includes fittings, and what you would like to move or change around the property.

From our experience many businesses charge clients for changing their minds during the installation. So from the very beginning we will work with you to discuss your options. In addition, we will listen to what you would like throughout your property and also make recommendations to meet your budget.

What is the process?

The process begins with a visit to the property to inspect it and provide you with a free quotation. The Director will assess the extent of the project and what your exact requirements are. Then, we will explore all possible options with you. Moreover, this includes the cost ramifications so that you can make a knowledgeable decision.

Next, the quotation will be put into writing via email or in person if preferred. It is then your decision to accept the quotation and schedule a start date. However, you should inform us of any dates and times you would require us not to be in the property. Then we will work around you.

To conclude, rewiring can be disruptive and could go on for more than 10 days. This will be while carrying out the preparatory works to install the new wiring systems. Upon completion you will have the opportunity to complete a ‘snags’ list to request alterations free of charge. Alternatively you can add additions at an extra cost.

Electrical rewires in Sheffield

Call to arrange a free quotation for electrical rewires in Sheffield. Our Electricians will provide these services nationwide.

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