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Electrical installations in Sheffield

Our Electricians have provided advice on electrical installations in Sheffield after a flood or fire.

After a flood

Firstly, water can have a detrimental effect on electrical installations. However, the damage and potential dangers may not be immediately apparent to electrical installations in Sheffield.
Moreover, after a flooding event an electrical contractor should be appointed to ensure the property is safe. However, if the power needs to be disconnected temporary generators can be used as a source of power for electrical installations in Sheffield.

Impact of contaminants

Secondly, floodwater can contain damaging contaminants. For example, salt can penetrate electrical components  like the circuit breakers in the distribution board. Consequently, salt can lead to the corrosion of fixtures and fittings.
An Electrician would need to do a thorough inspection of all affected electrical installations.

Drying methods

Thirdly, drying electrical installations affected by flooding using air blowers or nitrogen has proved to be ineffective. Therefore, in most cases the only effective remedy is to replace the affected parts. Fixtures that have remained above the waterline may not require replacing. However, an inspection by a competent electrical contractor is advisable to ensure safety.

Occupant safety

Next, when occupants return to a property we will advise on what equipment can be used. This is to ensure it does not place excessive demand on the power supply as this may result in a loss of power on electrical installations in Sheffield.

After a fire

Similarly, fire can cause considerable damage to electrical installations but its affects may not always be visible. Therefore, inspecting the installations exposure to;

  • Heat.
  • Smoke.
  • Corrosion.
  • Contamination.
  • The water used to fight the fire.

For example, PVC/PVC cables suffer accelerated degradation in temperatures over 70degC. Also, when burnt, PVC gives off hydrogen chloride.

Periodic inspection and testing

Where a property has been damaged by a flood or fire, it is always advisable to appoint a competent electrician to carry out a periodic inspection and test in Sheffield.

Inspection and Report (PIR) on the property.

For example, the PIR will involve a detailed inspection of the installation and appropriate tests to:

  • Assess the safety of persons against the potential of electric shocks and burns.
  • Check it is not damage.
  • Assess the protection against damage to the property by fire and heat arising from an installation defect.
  • Identify any installation defects.
  • Identify issues that do not meet regulations.


Should electrical installations be replaced if they are old?

If the installation has not been damaged it will not need to be replaced if:

  • It was installed according to a previous version of  the Regulations.
  • The install is still safe for continued use.
  • Not due to be upgraded.

Finally, after a flood or fire we will check the safety of the affected electrical installations. Moreover, this is to undertake a Periodic Inspection and Report and where relevant, to satisfy Part P requirements.

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